A Masked Odor

body-odor-in-menHave you ever had those moments when you knew you really needed a shower, but you were in such a hurry, you had no choice but to just to skip it? The other day, I had just enough time to run in, change into something fresh, throw on a bit of makeup, and then finally, I had to deal with “the smell” of my body odor. I looked good, but the smell could would probably give me away, and after all, it would be rude to impose it on others, or worse yet, be given a dirty look! So, I did what any normal human being would do..I masked it with a body spray! Glad I had some or I may have had to resort to air freshener!

We all tend to have a “smell” about us. . It’s that part of us we don’t really like others’ knowing about because, well, let’s face it, it can stink! So, we do what most people would prefer to do and that is to cover it up or even try to hide it. More smiles, more compliments, more pleasing, more anger, more distractions, so that we can ignore, and perhaps others will ignore, the odor.

The unfortunate thing is, unless we actually go in and allow God to clean us up, the smell remains. Whether it is covered up or not, it is there and it goes where we go. We secretly hope we covered it up well enough that no one will notice, but if we dare expose ourselves, it could really hurt us.  It’s our insecurity, our anger, our loneliness, our addiction, our “flaws”. It’s that part of us that we are too afraid to let others see for fear of what they may think about us.

There is hope to this foul ailment! God, in His love, desires to make us whole and clean from the inside out. When we surrender to His beautiful cleaning of our soul, we walk around confidently and joyfully in our natural state. The more of Him in us, the more complete we are. And, on those occasions when we ran out of our deodorant, which we all do sometimes, we can rest assure that God is there to restore us and we focus our eyes on how He sees us in our weakness.

Release what is stinky about you to God. Don’t be ashamed of it. Instead, allow him to help you smell good and walk with confidence. As he walks you through this process, recognize that we all have a smell about us. It’s part of being human. No one can smell good all the time!

Now go take a shower for heaven’s sake!



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