Meet Kendal


Meet Kendal-

Or “Ken Ken” as her cousins call her. My fantastic and bright 31 year old cousin.


When Kendal was a toddler, she began suffering from seizures from a routine vaccine she was given. In order to treat these seizures, her parents had to begin giving her a medication to  cause the seizures to subside. The medication came with side effects, however,  and has caused her mental processes to slow down significantly. It was a difficult decision, but it has allowed her to stay relatively seizure free and enjoy life without all the risks involved.


Despite the fact that Kendal has a delay, she is  a happy and smart young lady! Her favorite things to do are to write letters and make stories about friends and family, and make lists. Got a baby on the way? No problem! Kendal loves to send her favorite people a list of baby name ideas!

Currently, she is working on a card and notebook for her big sister, Holland. Making cards for the people she adores is another one of her favorite pass times.


Kendal lives in the DFW area and is part of a very large family, most of who live close by. She lives with her mother, Lois, and her step-father Mark, a kitten named Rocket, and a rather large German Shepard named Piper who was hired to protect her, but forgets her job. Her big sister, Holland, lives in Dallas and has a 2 year old son named Konrad. Kendal REALLY enjoys spending time with her 2 year old nephew.

Kendal and Konrad.jpg
Kendal and her cousin Konrad

Kendal’s biological dad, Rick, lives nearby, too, and spends lots of time with Kendal. In fact, their favorite pass time may  just be the movies.

She actively attends church and loves to learn and participate in much of what life has to offer. In fact, she’s even met Chuck Norris, her favorite celebrity!

Kendal with Chuck Norris
I wasn’t kidding.

I decided to write a blog about Kendal’s transition into my care. She has recently been joined us for our daytime activities (I homeschool my three kids) while her parents work, and I have big plans for her! I hope her journey will inspire you and cause you to appreciate the God-given human potential!

There are some things I hope to work on Kendal with, including a better diet, more exercise, and more learning opportunities. Since she has a mental handicap, it may not always go as easy as I would hope, but I believe God put her in my care for a reason.

I’m going to start with her diet. My next post is about how we will help her eat healthier by creating her own meal plan. Let’s see what she thinks about that!




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