Kendal’s New Diet

Before Kendal had been hanging around with us, she was in the care of a nice lady who would drive around town helping and serving others. The state had hired her to be a caretaker for Kendal during the day, while her mother worked. Kendal became tired of sitting in a car all day, but alongside that, she had completely stopped getting much exercise, and they would often grab fast food while on the go.

Now that she is in our care, I became inspired me to help her get back on track as she goes walking with us, and her diet is a little more regimented and planned. I really am trying to use wisdom and outside of that, am just trying to wing it. I don’t really know how things will turn out, but am giving it my best. However, I believe God and her family is in the mix and I have their support!


I asked Ken Ken to write out a list of all the foods she really liked to eat.

She is a little selective about eating, so I was concerned about the options available, however the good news is, she doesn’t mind eating these foods over and over! Also, she drinks nothing but water! No soda, no juice, no nothing sugary. That’s a big help! Trying to get someone get stop drinking soda is like taking milk from a baby! There can me many tears and tantrums (and withdrawals)!

Anyhow, this is what she wrote up. I was pleased with the list and really feel like we can do a lot with it. Next, I will ask her to create a meal plan for lunch each day using her list, and the family has bought her a little surprise gift to help her get healthy, which she is going to LOVE. I’ll tell you all about it soon!

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