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Blow Your Bubbles

We lost a friend today. My husband really cared about him. He was our old neighbor in some apartments we lived in some years back. He was really drawn to Seth and kept in touch with him often. We helped him out through a few difficult times in his life. He was the kind of guy who was always upbeat and friendly. The kind who was always there for you. Loyal.

But sadly and completely unexpectedly, he took his own life. It was heartbreaking for us. We never expected it. He never seemed the type.

I think that is often the case. We never realize what is really going on in someone’s heart. We can make all the assumptions we want, but it’s all speculation and we just never know.

It reminded me about influence.  We have influence in other people’s lives. We can’t control their thought patterns or their struggles, but we can bring hope and encouragement. We can be a light.

Perhaps something you said or some thing you did changed something for someone. Perhaps you were one of their few true friends. Perhaps, unbeknownst to you, you had made a difference in their life or changed their course.

Don’t underestimate what you have to offer. Because you are valuable and have been created to love, your love pours out alongside your personality.

I once had a lady who didn’t know me at all prophesy over me, meaning she had a word from God for me. She told me that God said to value the sense of humor He had given me,  something I sometimes felt silly about.  God said (through her) that it blew “bubbles” of life and laughter into other women’s lives who were going through dark times. I realized that even something as simple as humor is a gift, and it was given to be shared and not horded.

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I will miss our friend. I hope that we made the deposit into his life that we should have. It serves as a reminder to me to treat every encounter and relationship we have with care and value. Blow your bubbles. You never know what kind of difference it could make in someone’s life.

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