The Masked Extrovert

I recently read a great post from a homeschooling friend of mine named Betsy. She was sharing some of her thoughts about being introverted. Great read!

It got me thinking about something though. I believe there are “masked extroverts” out there. They are people who desperately have something to say. They get energized by being around people, engaging with them, and having great discussions with them, but the problem is..they don’t. Often times, I believe it stems from insecurity.

Some years back, when I was still learning how to NOT be completely uncomfortable around people, I would say that being around people seemed laborious and draining. I really wanted to have fun, relax and enjoy the time spent together, however, it never felt that way.

I have come to realize that my own insecurities caused me to not enjoy those moments. I was too concerned with what everyone thought of me or for saying something dumb, so it was easier to just stay quiet and go along for the ride. Perhaps the real me would not be so appealing, and I would totally embarrass myself.

However, now that I have discovered my identity in Christ and He has shown me the wonderful gifts and contributions I can make in other people’s lives, which is essentially why I am here, I really enjoy being around people!

I think there are a lot of extroverts waiting to come out of their shell. They are just still trying to figure out who they are and have not come to terms with the fact that they have something valuable to give.

I don’t really know if I’m an extrovert or introvert. My friends would probably say I’m an extrovert because I’m passionate and chatty, but my Myers Briggs says I’m an introvert (LOL!). What I DO know is that I really love to contribute into people’s lives, and I get energized by them. However, I also enjoy my quiet time to regroup.

In either case, I think the key is to know who YOU are and what gifts YOU have been given to deposit into others. When you operate in those God-given gifts, whether it is through humor, discussion, or something else, and then watch how it impacts others, you will become more and more secure in who God created you to be and more comfortable just being around people!

Essentially, the more you realize that it is not about YOU and more about THEM, the more you will enjoy being around them.


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