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If It’s Not Written Down, It Doesn’t Exist!

I have realized once again that when I don’t write down my tasks for the next day, I hardly get anything done, OR I hardly FEEL like I get anything done!

Do you ever feel like that? You went through your whole day, sure it felt really busy, but at the end of it, while you are FINALLY trying to sit down after the kids are in bed, you feel unsatisfied because you look around and see that there are still so many things you have to get done! Now you really feel bummed!

I was doing that day after day, and finally I reopened my Bullet Journal and started using it again. After the first day, I felt SO much better!

I believe that is because our productivity should be PLANNED and TRACKED. Some of us tend to “wing it”. The problem with that is that our day feels chaotic, our tasks go uncompleted, and at the end of the day, we can’t figure out what we did exactly! That is so frustrating! We feel like we did a lot…our FEET and our BACK and our BRAIN feel like we did a lot, but we don’t seem to be satisfied that we really did.

If we don’t write it down, it doesn’t exist!

Take 5-10 minutes each night and plan out a reasonable amount to tasks for the next day, taking into account your normal responsibilities. Don’t overdo it! Be reasonable! If you work a full time job, then there is only so much you can do, while still having some time to rest.

When you sit down each night to check off everything you accomplished, I promise you will have personal proof for your BRAIN and your FEET that you actually got a lot done. I want to urge you to try out Bullet Journaling, which my husband showed me.  I LOVE it!!

Talk to you later…

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