Kendal’s Meal Plan

A few days ago, I had asked Kendal to create a list of foods she liked to eat. It was a great success!

From there, I asked her to create this meal plan for her lunches only, since that is when she will be with me. I am going to sit down and go over this with her to see if we can modify it. The worst thing is for her to have a carb loaded day without protein and veggies. Since she loves Caesar salad, I’ll see about incorporating that more in the week.

Other modifications

If possible, I’d like to see if her parents would be willing to modify some of the things she really enjoys eating, like popcorn, to healthier versions of the same thing. Feel free to offer suggestions of great, flavorful alternatives of foods you love to eat!

I hope to give her a grocery checklist which she can use this list and mark off all items she would like for her mom to buy, including the modified foods she enjoys.

I believe that that more she engaged she is in the decisions, the more likely she may enjoy following the plan. Let’s see how it goes!

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