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Where is My Mango?!

Little dilemmas and inconveniences can add up to big frustrations sometimes.

Small events in your day that really don’t make much difference in the long run can sometimes pile up and end up feeling like a really big deal..they can wear us out!

I went grocery shopping the other day, and since one of the recipes I had planned called for one mango, I grabbed one..just one because we don’t eat a lot of mangoes because, well, quite frankly, they are a lot more expensive than Gala apples. My kids can eat fruit like no ones business, and I would be broke before you could say the word deficit.

So, here I am, preparing my recipe and I follow the instructions to the part where it says, “Add diced mango”. I look around, in the fridge, on the fridge, on the counter, back in the fridge, in the pantry, in the living room (don’t ask).


I know! It must have rolled out from a plastic bag in the car after I grocery shopped, like that time I found that missing eggplant! Sure, it was rotted by the time I found it, but the mango should still be okay!

So, I open up the trunk of my Explorer and looked through the back. Mind you, I have food that is cooking at that very moment.

I have to stop and spend my precious, limited, valuable time doing this.

Nothing in the car.

Did my kids eat it? Knowing them, someone could have snuck it, desperate to have a taste of something besides another Gala apple.

I’m not sure. I don’t want to make an false accusations.

I get out of the car and I see my oldest daughter across the street at the neighbor’s house riding his hover board ..there is a lady walking by, her daily walk I presume, but I don’t care, so I go ahead and yell it:

“Have you seen the mango?!”

“What?!?” she yells back.

“The mango..have you seen the mango!?”

“No, I haven’t!” she yells back.

“Now what?” I think.

Reluctantly, I decide it will probably be fine without a mango, although I paid money for that mango and I wanna know where it went!!

I head inside.

Irritated. Tired. Skeptical.

And then, suddenly, a glimmer of a little clear plastic bag that was sitting on the kitchen counter crosses my sight.

What? Something reddish orange inside? Could it be?!

Yes, the mango!! The MANGO! Tears flood my eyes (not really but still).

Right in front of my very eyes this entire time!..

In plain sight. Are you kidding me?!

I just wasted 15 minutes of thought processes and physical energy on something that was right in front of me the entire time.

Not a life altering experience, I’ll admit. But put several of those situations in my day, and I could potentially lose my sanity.

I probably would, if I didn’t take a moment when I feel a breakdown coming and pull myself aside and go ask the Lord for some strength and get re-filled.

Seriously, don’t underestimate what God can do for you. You are a battery that constantly needs a recharge from your manufacturer. Don’t run yourself out, just step away and get a re-charge.

After all, a sane mommy is a good mommy.

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