Kendal Goes Grocery Shopping

Our family is starting the Paleo diet and I decided to use a Paleo ready-made meal plan by e-meals.com. It comes with a very organized grocery list. In fact, I had one for breakfast, one for lunch, and another for dinner.

I took this as an opportunity to hand each older person one list to see how they do and allow them to experience some independence and decision making. I gave Kendal the breakfast list, which was shortest, Kiana, my oldest the lunch, and I took the dinner list. Fortunately, each list was divided by category so we started with the produce section together, in case there were any questions. We pretty much stayed together for the remainder of the time, each with our own list.

Kendal took my middle daughter, Safia and they began their shinnanigans..ehem.. I mean task.


One thing that Kendal learned is the difference between a Naval orange and the halos. We went back to swap out the oranges and then I ended up showing her how to find the sweetest oranges by their color and then let her an Safia pick some out.

Another thing she learned is how to detect a ripe tomato.

Kendal choosing a ripe tomato. By the way, she is wearing the funny shoe because she broke her toe a couple of weeks ago ( in case you were wondering)

We had a great time. It did take a while as they list was very long, but Kendal and Kiana were actually very helpful and they both had a great attitude!

Oh and before I forget. Here is the lucky tomato that was chosen. Looks tasty, huh?

Displaying 20160304_083205.jpg

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