Purposeful Living

Don’t dig, EXCAVATE.

“Don’t just dig at the surface of scripture, EXCAVATE it!” -Dr. Cindy Trimm

Often times, the scriptures are read like a book. We read it, we think about it, we close it.

But God keeps hidden treasures inside His book and those treasures are for our discovery and quenching. By applying a little more effort and a little more Spirit, we can have access to much more.

Here are a few things I have learned to help EXCAVATE scripture:

Always start your study with worship. When we worship the Lord first, we open the gates of our heart to receive a greater portion of God’s Spirit to accompany us in our journey into the Word. I learned this from Pastor Robert Morris. Worship is key. The Holy Spirit moves during worship as it will in your reading.

Slow Your Roll aka Slow down your reading. Focus on quality and not quantity. Accompany your reading with a Concordance. When you take a little extra time to learn the root word or Greek/Hebrew translation, you may find that there is much more that meets the eye. Words come alive and a deeper revelation unfolds.

Journal. Follow up by asking God,”what are you trying to teach me for my life?”,  and then, open your mind and heart by writing everything that comes to mind. You will be amazed at what he unfolds.

I believe that just taking these few steps can help us avoid just the surface of scripture and actually discover ancient bones!

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