Purposeful Living

Increase Your Capacity

From the day you were conceived, you were given a purpose. It qualified you as valuable and worthy for something very significant. It’s such a magnificent one, that if you knew about it, you would drop everything and start running towards it.

However, having a purpose laid out for us never guarantees that we will achieve that purpose. God will not allow you to fulfill your purpose if you lack the CAPACITY.

If you lack the capacity then your purpose is placed on hold, like a diamond ring on layaway. Capacity is associated with your self image, self-esteem, or level of MATURITY. You cannot accomplish the great plan if you lack significantly in these areas. If your world revolves too much around what other people think of you, you are not ready.

You cannot be given more because you cannot be trusted with it YET. Unless, however, you are ready to increase your capacity.

How do you increase your capacity?

  1. Find a mentor who will help you understand your worth and help clarify your purpose and vision.
  2. Allow the Lord to show you how much you mean to Him through time spent together and His Word.
  3. Meditate on things that bring life and affirm who you are.

Remember this: You have been created unique. You should be so excited about how God has created you because you are like no one else that ever existed. You should be so glad to be you and not anyone else! Therefore, make a decision to increase your capacity so your incredible purpose will be entrusted to you.

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