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A Vision is Launched

An Idea Well Worth the Effort

Starting in 2016, my husband and I began going on an annual Vision Retreat for our family. Just him and me. No kiddos. No other couples. We found that this escape/refocusing/reconnecting was so helpful, we decided to do it every year.

So, just a weekend ago, we went on our second Vision Retreat! My dad came over and watched the kids and we ran out the door as before you could say…sucker! Just kidding.

During this much needed time of solitude, fun, discussion, and prayer (followed by a little more fun) we revisited our family vision statement (based off the one we made last year) and planned for the upcoming year.

Starting our retreat at Cuppa Coffee Shop

We discussed, prayed and listened to the Holy Spirit and covered things such as:

  • What are our financial goals this year?
  • What do we need to understand and appreciate about each of our children?
  • What parenting, personal, and marital goals can we accomplish this year together?

As a woman, the sound of the word together are like beautiful bells in my ears. If you are a woman, you may understand. Sometimes, it feels like we are alone in our endeavors and yearning for our husbands to partner up in the journey. I am so grateful that my husband and I finally share a healthy and agreed upon vision for our marriage and family! 

The Result – Success!

It has been a TREMENDOUSLY rewarding experience. I wish we had learned to do this years ago. It only (sarcasm emphasized) took 15 years of marriage to realize something like this was good to do! We thank Jimmy Evan’s marriage ministry, who created the Mountaintop of Marriage: A Vision Retreat Guidebook However, I just found that they have created it in an app form, as well! So if you want to do it, here you go!

Just like last year, we came home refreshed and with energy and vision for the next year.

For years, we struggled in marriage, hardly getting on the same page and unable to really HEAR each other. Can you can relate?

A wise man once said, “Marriage is the closest thing to heaven or hell.” You got that right!

Let’s be honest, it’s not easy! But, I’m going to spend the rest of my life with this person. I may as well do my part to make it more like heaven.

Now, as a wife, I feel heard and supported and I know he does too.

Goofin around by the pool starting a new parenting book called A House United.
Out by the pool, staying at the Nylo Hotel in Las Colinas
Me and my husband, Seth, on Day 2

A Crazy Idea

This year, something remarkable was discussed. It was so bizarre and out of the ordinary, it’s still funny just talking about it here. While walking to Klyde Warren Park on one of the days of the retreat, Seth (my husband) made a fascinating suggestion. It was one birthed out of a longing to see our family become closer, and the realization that money and more stuff doesn’t buy happiness or intimacy. When he threw out this idea (which I can’t talk about right now),  I little leap happened in my heart. It just sounded like a great idea. I know my answer took him by even more surprise.

As of this moment, we’ve not told hardly anyone, but secretly, we are working on a MASTERPLAN and it involves MAJOR change. I’ll have to reveal a little more later, but I’d love for you to follow along. I think you will be glad you did. Come with us on this journey to more love, more happiness and more bonding in this family. In this journey, I want to be humble and share with you where I am at, but also, my hope is for you to join me in my personal growth and my family’s as well. I hope it will inspire you..

In my next blog, I will share my vision statement for our family with you!

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