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Fun Family Things To Do in Colorado Springs

Our family great time in Colorado Springs over the summer. A few highlights from our trip include a visit to the US Airforce Academy, which was pretty fascinating and free! We toured the visitor center, which provided information into the life of a student, a model cadet room, and a short movie displaying a year in the life of a new cadet, which was quite moving, actually.

The chapel on the campus was a beautiful building to tour and it was complete with different areas of worship, with each room accommodating the environment and traditional themes of that particular faith. Don’t forget to go both upstairs and downstairs to get a complete tour of the chapel.




Another great spot was our trip to see Helen Hunt Falls. Of course, this is not the primary waterfall that most people come to see, however, we found it a very enjoyable hike and it was free!


We visited the adorable city of Manitou Springs just next to Colorado Springs, which I highly recommend. It is such a sweet little town, filled with shops and places to eat. The town is known for their natural spring water, and you can even stop and drink some or refill your water bottle. To us, it tasted like mineral water. We stopped by the Manitou Springs Brewery for a flight and some good food.


The Manitou Cliff Dwellings we a fun and not too expensive trip for the family. (I actually managed to find a coupon while in line to pay!) Although the museum inside felt a little inadequate, the children had a fun time climbing through this cliff dwelling replica based on the real one in Mesa Verde, Co. They also allowed us to bring our own food and drinks here, which we really appreciated since we seem to have children whose hunger never seems to end and work to stay on good eating out on a budget since we travel on the road 100% of the time.


Of course, we also took the daring and thrilling drive up to Pike’s Peak, which was very exhilarating and terrifying. While I enjoyed the view up, my eyes kept wandering over to my DH, Seth, to make sure he wasn’t enjoying the view too much so as to drive us all right off of the road. My 14-year-old, who is scared of heights, kept her eyes covered for the intimidating portions of the drive up!

kiana hiding.png

When we finally arrived at the top, it was breathtaking. I recommend these binoculars, which we love so you never miss the view.

pikes peak 2pikes peak 1

Since we travel in an RV Fulltime, we stayed out the beautiful Mountaindale Cabins and RV Resort up in the mountains. However, there can be some great places to stay if you are traveling the normal way.

My husband and I have used Airbnb and had great experiences finding unique places to stay and which are quite reasonable. Follow my link and sign up for an account and get $40 off your first booking in Colorado Springs! It beats just staying at a hotel and you may score a room or home with an unbeatable view!

Colorado Springs is a fun place to visit. Follow our blog and learn more about the places we’ve been and what you can do!

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