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A Trip to Mt. St. Helens, Washington

We had a great experience traveling to go see Mt. St. Helens in Washingon State. After stopping at the state fun visitor center at the bottom of the mountain briefly, we found out that the kids could earn a junior ranger badge there. However, since we were limited on time with it being 3:30pm and the drive up the observatory where you can see the mountain and engage with the hand on exhibit was a sold hour up, we knew we would be unable to make it down in time to complete the junior ranger oath so we opted to do the National Junior Ranger Program offered at the observatory. Note: The lower visitor center closes at 5pm, while the upper observatory closes at 6pm, so we were thankful for that.

We crossed this beautiful bridge to head up the observatory. Snagged a quick picture.



Excited to finally be out of the car and to see the incredible view, Safia made a b-line to the viewing area and observatory.



The observatory was nice inside and had some interactive displays. Since we had an Interagency National Pass and the Observatory is operated as a national facility, we were able to come and see the displays inside free of charge. Children under 16 are always free.


The kids had some fun with the “Make a Quake” display (above) by jumping on the mat and learning how they can create their own seismic waves.

The kids listened to a ranger talk in order to earn their badge and we grabbed some pictures outside Mt. St. Helens.




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