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6 Ways to Foster Good Behavior on Trips with Kids

We all know that kids can become emotional, distracted, tired, and bored on trips. It’s important to take steps to make your trip with your kids enjoyable for everyone so it can be a memorable experience. In order to have a great time, taking some things into consideration, such as seeing things from there perspective can help. Here are 6 tips we use when we travel with kids.

  1. We pack snacks – One of the easiest ways to help kids not get in a grumpy mood is to make sure they’re not hungry. We make sure to pack some snacks, be it in a cooler, or dry goods, so they don’t get hungry. Our kids seem to always be hungry so we pack enough, especially if we’re gone on a big day trip to explore Colorado Springs or something. We like to pack things like:
  • Beef jerky
  • Fruit
  • Healthy bars
  • Chips
  • Carrots


2. Another thing we make sure to do is to pack an extra jacket or sweater in case the weather is going to change. You can see a full list of things we pack for day trips here.

3. Before we arrive at our destination, we give them an explanation of where we are about to arrive to and what are expectations are for this area. We also let them know what type of consequences they will receive should they forget the rules or their manners. This avoids surprises and is fair.

4. We follow through on consequences. At home, a consequence for them is usually an extra chore. When out and about, we do things like holding our hand for 10 minutes, taking away an opportunity for a dessert or opportunity later, or just sitting down with a parent for 10 minutes if that’s possible.

5. We give them something to look forward to as a reward for doing their best. Parenting doesn’t always need to be a negative disciplinary action. Before arriving, we might say, “If you do your best to behave and keep a great attitude while we are here, such as no whining or fighting, we will go stop by a beautiful park later that you will really love.”

6. Finally, we keep our cool. My husband and I do our best to keep a calm face, voice, and body with our kids. Although we aren’t perfect, we realize that when our emotions escalate or we embarrass our kids, it only makes things worse for everyone.



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