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A Visit To the Butchart Gardens, Victoria


My family went and visited the beautiful Butchart Gardens, which have existed for a century, and enjoyed the breathtaking views of these gardens in which people come to see from all over the world. We did our visit in September, and so the weather was mildly cool – 60s- so a sweater may be necessary at times.

First of all, the pricing for the gardens are as follows:

burchart gardens pricing

Pricing is a little high for adults but quite reasonable for kids! However, next day re-admission is allowed for just a few extra dollars the following day. Just be sure to get your hand stamped! Pricing also changes by season.

Rules: You can bring outside drinks and snacks. It did not see any signs saying we couldn’t and we drank our own bottles of water throughout the trip.

Once you park and enter, you will run into this life-size chess game, which you can play. Be sure to be careful with the pieces, as they are fragile.

Head first to the magnificent and breathtaking Sunken Garden, where you will be mesmerized by the pristine beauty of this garden. People come from all over to see the Sunken Garden in the Butchart Gardens.


Head over the carousel and let the kids have a ride. ($2 a person). It has adorable animals to choose from animals to choose from!


The Japanese garden is so beautiful with its lush, mossy, and peaceful feel.



The Butchart Cove is a lookout that can be found while in the Japanese Gardens. You can take a boat tour from there as well. It departs even 15 minutes. I did try and check the pricing, but could not find it on their website!

From their site: “In the summer months, explore the history and wildlife of the Tod Inlet on a 45-minute boat tour, and take in the sites of our local waters, from grandiose homes and charming boats to seals, eagles and herons.”


A few other pictures from our day…


Interesting fact: Besides eating at one of their restaurants, they also offer pre-packed picnic baskets complete with a plastic sheet to spread out and eat on! The basket is full of all kinds of goodies and looked like it was enough for 2.

Here are some other fun pictures!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Watch our video recap of our day here on our YouTube Channel! We hope you will be inspired to go visit Victoria and see the Butchart Gardens!

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