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Simple Steps to Ferry From Washington into Victoria, Canada

Have you wanted to take the trip from Washington to Victoria but weren’t sure how to go about it? I’m here to help you have detailed information on how to do it stress-free! Here we go!

Black Ball Ferry

Where to Depart

First, note that wherever you are, you need to head take the Black Ball Ferry Line, which departs out of Port Angeles, Washington. This private ferry line is the key to get over to Victoria. You can walk on, take your vehicle, and even take your RV.

Map of ferry route

How to Book

The best way to get on the ferry is to make advance reservations. This can be done here. The earlier the better as the ferry can get booked up. Don’t wait until just a few days before. Making an online reservation early on will:

  • Guarantee you and your vehicle have a spot on the ferry.
  • Allow you to arrive only a little earlier than the departure time to leave.
  • Save you money since online pricing is less than walk-up pricing.

Late Booking

If you missed the chance to book your ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria, Canada in advance, don’t worry! They reserve 20% of the ferries tickets for first come, first serve! However, you must call their number and ask how much earlier you must arrive in order to get on the ferry. For us, we were asked to arrive 3 hours prior to our departure (this was during the summer season).  When you call, you will want them to know how many are in your party and if you are planning to bring a vehicle on the ferry as well.

When you arrive in advance, you can pull right up to the drive-through window if you’re planning to take your vehicle, or walk-in to the building if you are not. You will purchase the tickets at the window, park your vehicle inside their lots behind another vehicle in a designated lane. At that point, you can go find something to do for 3 hours until it is time to get in your car and prepare to enter the ferry (or walk on).

Once moving, if in a vehicle, a staff traffic personnel will direct you in parking onto the ferry. For those without a vehicle, you will be directed on board another way and should be waiting in the lobby where you purchased your ticket.


Ferry Ride Experience and Amenities

The ferry ride takes 90 minutes. Conveniently, there are WIFI and electrical outlets you can use during the ride.

You may want to bring a jacket, as the ferry ride can be windy and brisk.

The first people will likely get the spots that include booths and tables. People boarding later will get normal seating like you find in an airport.

There are clean restrooms on the ferry, as well as a cafeteria that provides everything from hot dogs and sandwiches, to beer and candy.

You can walk around the ferry freely, as well as go outside and to the top deck, where you will find wonderful seating and a great view.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Once arrived, they will ask you to get into your vehicle and wait until one of their staff guides you out of the ferry parking garage and out into beautiful Victoria.

You will then wait in line for the Canadian customs, so be sure to have your passports handy. You will need to make sure you read the customs requirements, but it is not too complicated or strict. Ideally, don’t bring tropical food or guns to keep it easy. They are friendly and just want to know what your plans are. They will want to look at everyone’s face that is in your vehicle, so go ahead and get those windows down!

From there, you are on your way to explore and enjoy Victoria!



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