About Us


We are the Websters. Welcome to our blog.

The blog was designed to encourage you. I want to be real with you about what I have learned and be humble in my own weaknesses and what God shows me, to grow me.

Life is beautiful if you choose to see the beauty in it. It’s not that easy sometimes, but with God, there is much more joy to experience, simply because He is with you.

There is so much to learn and so many great things to experience. I say, let’s get on the bandwagon and enjoy the ride. Let’s take opportunities to grow, learn from our mistakes and move on. There is still so much to do and God has big plans for you and me. Let’s not waste our precious time, but instead, let’s be adventurous and seek out the things that really matter…people.

Let’s discover what we really were put on this Earth to do. Let’s do our best to love relentlessly, and learn to do life efficiently! I want to walk this journey with you! I would love to hear about you and get your thoughts and hear your journey as I share mine.

Shamain, Elijah, Safia, Kiana, and Seth



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